Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Download sXe Injected Counter Strike 1 1.12 Fix

Download sXe Injected Counter Strike 1 1.12 Fix - Download
SXe Injected Counter Strike 1 1.12 Fix
Correction : Corrected error Subsystem. 
Correction:   Denied Alias. 
Correction : Anti Soundhack Edited (by Server). 
Correction : Created CPU problem. 
Correction:   Data execution prevention (DEP) was held. 
Add : Added new cheat validations. 
Adding : added new bodyguards. 
Add : Added a new map verifications. 
insertion : Command Lines (-gl,-d3d,-soft, etc.) was added. 
Adding : Small IWS added bugs. 
Adding : Game Fps and Cpu usage when open eklendi.Böylece Ad not opening feature was developed. 
Adding : Screen Info Added. . Hardware ID, client IP, Server IP, Screenshot added on.
Correction : Due to Injected organized players kicklenmesi 
Adding : save screenshots to your computer. 
NOTE : You can not enter the new version to servers that use the old version of sXe.
Download Fix Version
DOWNLOAD Normal Version

Source : Megadosya

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