Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Game Bot Pack Download Counter Strike 1.5

Game Bot Pack Download Counter Strike 1.5 - Download
Hi the game Counter-Strike bot package that you can use
Counter-Strike your game by adding these boots can make the game more enjoyable.
How to Install Counter Strike 1.5 Game Bot Package:
Download the file by pressing send down after landing, and open the file doing the installation.
How to Add Games Counter Strike 1.5 Bot : 
Counter-Strike 1.5 Masaüstümüzdeki clicking on the icon to enter the house. 
Against the menu PLAY CS click on the menu. 
Against the Other from the menu, LAN GAME menu and click on. 
Finally, the Against the latest from the NEW GAME menu and click on. 
Against the screen, how many many boats remain competitive, which map to play with by pressing the OK button after setting the opening game. 
Games opened, then make the selection of the team start the game, the game automatically boots after switching on some maps game comes in the game But the game does not boot automatically - (hyphen) bot menu by pressing bring the screen .. We get a screen like this is coming .. 
Yaradıgını pictured above, just let us explain what the menus now
Because they are cheating because you might not know a foreign boat.
1 - add Ouick Bot Menu : This menu adds a bot 1 pc game. 
2 - Add specific Bot Menu : this menu to set your game to the properties (how to play, which will play the team) adds a one boat. 
3 - Kill all Bots menu : All kills boots and starts the new rounds. 
4 - Newround (All Players ) menu : new rounds and starts killing everyone, including you. 
5 - Fill Server with Bots menu : Determine the team uses to throw more than 1 bot. 
6 - Kick random Bots menu : the game uses to throw the bot (a bot every tıklayışta discarded) 
7 - Remove All Bots menu : to throw the game uses all the boats with one click. 
8 - Weapon Select Mode menu : set guns used by the boots.
- (hyphen) key pressed after pressing 1 of 1 bot is added to the game .. To other menu keys above can apply other settings
Friends trick, and then scan for viruses after downloading use Cheat

Source : Megadosya

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